It was all a dream, we used to read Skin Magazine... 

It started at a young age and only grew from there. We were always obsessed with cosmetics, make-up and skincare treatments when we would rifle through our moms’ makeup. As we aged we pursued every facial and treatment on the market only to notice spas were booked out too far or monetarily not accessible. Servicing our skin on a regular basis seemed impossible. 

That's when, HAZZA! THE FACE FOUNDRY was born! Finally, a walk-in space where you could be in and out in under 40-minutes! We created this concept for all people, women, men and teens, anyone seeking to improve their skin!


Michele Henry | Founder // Skin Enthusiast // CEO

Michele knew at a very young age she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Heading her father's construction crew before the age of 20, she wasn’t afraid of hard work or manual labor. She swapped construction boots for stilettos and started PRIMP, a cheap chic boutique, in 2010. With eight brick and mortar locations throughout the Midwest, the concept has styled nearly a million women and counting.

Her love for all things beauty didn’t stop with clothing as she set out to fill a major void in the aesthetics marketplace. After having three children and feeling like an hour-long facial treatment wasn’t in the cards, she decided it was time to create a welcoming space where people could get micro treatments at an approachable price point!

Alexandra Nanne | Co-Owner // Skin Enthusiast // CMO

Ali’s passion for the beauty industry can be traced back to her pre-professional days. She got trained and certified in Eyelash Extensions right out of high school. She practiced all through her time at the University of Minnesota, where she studied nutrition.

She went on to obtain her Esthetician License from The Aveda Institute and that’s where her burning love for skincare started. With a full lash clientele already established, she decided to open her first lash salon: The Lash Refinery. Her mission was to provide the best possible services yet remain affordable. The only thing missing in her life at this point you ask? Skincare. She no longer had time to go get facials with her new mommy title!

UH hello! Why not provide efficiently timed facial treatments, yet remain affordable? That was originally her mission after all.